plans & pricing

 HFW will provide the design, programming, hosting, CMS, encoding, even enhancement of website materials and content. We also create websites from the ground up if preferred, fully customized website development including CMS and creative designing.

All we need is your commitment and we will get things done!.

Development & MANAGEMENT pricing

Our Standard plan includes a list of FREE web designs and layouts per client. We also have paid website designs for variety of selections (paid separately). This package is a managed website service.

New: P5400.oo (1st year only)
Renewal: P5400.oo (2nd year onwards)

Specify if website design, programming, or other services needed on Request A Proposal form.

  • For fully customized website design and development, our minimum rate is P25000.oo and up, depending on requirements/complexity
  • If you are in need of a web apps developer or any programming development. Our minimum rate starts at P6000.oo depending on the requirements.
  • Other creative design needs, please summarize on Request A Proposal form.

Website Management Only
(support for 3rd party hosting/server)
Please state your current hosting provider and brief of website maintenance/support requirements.

New: P4800.oo (1st year only)
Renewal: P4800.oo (2nd year onwards)

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