Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Hands Free Website Development?

  • Hands Free is basically operating a device and/or managing something without using one's hand or being actually involved.
  • Hands Free Website or simply HFW is the management, operation, and even hosting of a website, managed by an IT Specialist without the need to detail everything to the website owner. The IT Specialist will handle all the necessary working details to keep the website up and running.
  • Hands Free Website Development is a website creation process that starts with a consultation, then development, and management, including digital marketing -- all handled by an IT Specialist. With the objective of freeing the website owner to concentrate on core expertise other than managing the website's development and maintenance.
  • Or simply put, Hands-Free Website is a managed website service.

What is your accepted payment method?

  • We accept credit card and PayPal payment options. But we normally get paid via bank deposit/transfer or throught Western Union.

Do I need to sign a contract?

  • Yes. You need to sign a contract or just simple email back to us the proposal/contract we provided for acknowledgement of what we are to do to help you.

What is the minimum subscription period?

  • Our shortest subscription period is one year for our Hand-FREE web design plans (affordable packages).

When am I billed?

  • Plans are billed on a yearly basis from the date you begin your subscription and/or when server space began utilization to service your account.

Do you charge a tax?

  • Yes. We do charge taxes but it is already included in the package plan fees.

Do i get a billing invoice?

  • Yes. We will provide an invoice. The invoice will be emailed 30 days at it's earliest or two weeks before subscription expiration with reminders sent every week after until expiration date arrive.