web Development & management

We offer complete solutions to help you from start to finish!. No worries, if you don't have time, we will just ask a few questions and we'll handle all the website development work. We will develop the website, house it on our servers, and maintain it even after turnover to the client wishes. We can even handle the emails if permitted too.

Our package plans are simple enough to understand and straight forward.

Web Design Plan

Our Standard plan includes a FREE website design and layout per client. The full list of designs also include paid designs if desired for more selection. The good thing about the development framework we are using is that future beautification and content enhancement are in mind.

Custom Development

Website Customization
Website development from the ground up. This means that we will develop your website from scratch, from zero. The design will be as your wishes, the programming, with all the bells and whistles in website design and development. Animation, text content, video and image conceptualization can be all on us!. Now the rate, well this is a little bit tricky, it may depend on how much the client is willing to pour in or it's sky's the limit!. So we need details before we go to the business part of "How much will it all cost?".

Designing & Programming

We can do website designs only
We also create corporate identity designs like logo, letterhead, and even branding your business with design concepts. We can do Flash animation, low-cost video Ads and slicing, product photo shoot and packaging design. And all other design related work for website and print use.

Do you need any programming services?
If you are in need of programming services, we are the team to partner with. Our years of experience in Open source and DotNet development makes us the right candidate to work on your business software needs. May it be for desktop, web, or mobile -- contact us now!