about hfw

We're in the business of providing a true Hands-Free-Website development for you, a managed website service so that you can concentrate on your business or whatever you do best...

HFW was born out of the need to provide more than just a low-cost website, we are the same team who brought you Kidlatz.com. Our main goal is to create an online presence for clients using websites that are inexpensive for business, affordable for individual, and from a reliable development team. At the same time can grow to serve and meet the ever changing online business needs of website owners for a beautiful website with quality content.

If you are planning to put up a website for the first time or not having the development team to get your business online, HFW provides a total solution for your website, online store, or web programming needs.

HFW website creation uses tested and reliable frameworks to run your website, with designs that are in-between the low-cost and premium (fully customized) website development approaches. Affordable yet flexible website development that are functional, managed, and hosted by us.